Review: Tantus Fido. Rating: OMG! 10/10

With the current lockdown, I thought it is a great time to get more toys to play with my butt. After some "research" online, I ordered the Tantus Fido from the Tantus Inc website. 

Seeing Fedex says "Delivered", I run to my frontdoor to pick it up. Opening the boxes(outside one discreet and inside one has a picture and fact sheet on it), immediately I feel this is different!

(According to the fact sheet, Fido has a head of 1.8" wide, slims down to a 1.6" ribbed shaft,  then comes the 2.5" ball/knot, then relaxes into a 1.3" bottom shaft. It has a 2.8" base, and measures 8" long.)

The soft touch, the matte finish, and no odor unlike some low quality stuff, this one is top notch! Also, it is soft! very soft that it cannot actually stand on its own. I thought this was a disappointment, but oh thanks god to its softness!

Clean it with water, I tried to put it in my mouth and it is big! Almost hard to just suck in the head. 

Put it away while I get rid of the boxes, I am already half hard thinking about it. 

Coming back, time to give it a try! I compared with my existing toys, the middle shaft is about as thick as my largest toy(except I've put the head of the magic wand inside my ass a few times), so the head is bigger already! 

I like to squat over a mirror so I can see things going into my body. 

Lube it up, squat down, I start working it in, this thing is soft so I have to hold it with my hand. It still takes a while to put in, and since I haven't got time to warm up because of the excitement, it hurts!

After getting used to it, I start moving down the shaft. The ribbed middle shaft feels awesome going in and out, not too big, very comfortable, with the right amount of friction. It feels so good. 

You know I am not coming for the shaft, after getting use to it, time to move on to the knot!

Holding it under the knot with my hand, thanks to the bottom shaft, it is very easy to hold. 

The knot is very soft, and it makes putting it in a little bit easier. but still, this is definitely not for beginners. 

With lots of lubes and determination(and hard push with my hand), it start to slide in. It hurts a bit, but the right kind of hurt comes from stretching. 

Once I get pass the thickest part of the knot, it slides right in. OMG that feeling! My legs get so weak from the feeling I have to hold myself with my hand(other hand). OMG that feeling!  

I did it! So proud of myself!

What's better is next, I push down a bit more. The bottom shaft is thin, which is what my hole has been craving for after swallow the huge knot, but not too thin, it gives the right amount of pressure/friction, but not stretching and give my hole some relaxing time. But not for my rectum! 

As I move up and down the final part, I can feel the head thrusting deep inside me, but the soft material makes it very comfortable; I can feel the bottom shaft moving in and out, and my hand know how deep it is inside me. but nothing compares to the stretch feeling in the rectum! So intense I think I am gonna pass out. My penis is leaking like crazy.

I have to take it out, too much for me. Checking my hole, my finger has a tiny bit of pink liquid. Damn, I think I stretched it too fast. Clean it up, rest for five minutes. I cannot help but to put it in again.

OMG, that feeling again! 

I did this 3 more times(shaft: so good! knot: omg it hurts! up&down: omg I am gonna die! take it out: i want it again) before call it a day. No more blood after the first time, feeling so good.

Disclaimer, I bought this from Tantus, totally worth it. I am a married male, and loves anal play.

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