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Review: Tantus Fido. Rating: OMG! 10/10

With the current lockdown, I thought it is a great time to get more toys to play with my butt. After some "research" online, I ordered the Tantus Fido from the Tantus Inc website.  Seeing Fedex says "Delivered", I run to my frontdoor to pick it up. Opening the boxes(outside one discreet and inside one has a picture and fact sheet on it), immediately I feel this is different! (According to the fact sheet, Fido has a head of 1.8" wide, slims down to a 1.6" ribbed shaft,  then comes the 2.5" ball/knot, then relaxes into a 1.3" bottom shaft. It has a 2.8" base, and measures 8" long.) The soft touch, the matte finish, and no odor unlike some low quality stuff, this one is top notch! Also, it is soft! very soft that it cannot actually stand on its own. I thought this was a disappointment, but oh thanks god to its softness! Clean it with water, I tried to put it in my mouth and it is big! Almost hard to just suck in the head.  Put it away whil

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